In the last days we decided to adopt Smartworking, according to the DPCM decree published on March 11th, 2020 in order to stop the spread of COVID-19: we are fully operative and we will continue to ensure our services, guaranteeing our standard customer service level. If each one will do their part, we are going to win this battle and andràtuttobene.

The Group

Our challenge for the future is to grow both from a competitive and a sustainable perspective, combining technological innovation and respect for the environment

Tradition and innovation

Although Gruppo Messina has been established in 2013, its shipping company Ignazio Messina & C. has supplies regular line services that connect the Mediterranean to Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent since 1921. The owned fleet consists of 8 new ro/ro container vessels, characterized by advanced technologies, and are equipped with the most innovative anti-pollution systems. These ships are the result of Italian excellence, as they have been entirely designed by the Company engineering specialists and they fly the Italian flag. Today Ignazio Messina & C. reaches over 50 ports and supplies 40 different countries, thanks to several commercial representative offices and controlled agencies in Italy, Europe, Africa and in the Middle East.

In 1996, in conjunction with the rise of private terminal operators, the Messina family moved back to Genoa (from La Spezia) as terminal operator. In 2016, Terminal Messina was renamed “IMT – Intermodal Marine Terminal” and opened its terminal services to third parties, in order to accomplish a substantial company reorganization and to enhance business strategies. Today, the port area IMT directly manages is about 253,000 square meters and it will become 316,000 sq. m. as soon as the works to fill up the water space between Molo Ronco e Molo Canepa will be completed.
IMTerminal guarantees the reception, the stowage, the loading and the discharging of all types of cargos, 24/24h and 365 days a year. Messina Group has created a solid and integrated logistics organization of both rail and road haulage, its Italian inland terminals are directly connected with the main hub in Genoa and they guarantee connections with several European destinations.

Gruppo Messina employs over 1,000 people worldwide, proving an extraordinary international vocation, even if it still operates with a strong rootedness and attachment to the area of Genoa.
Over the last years, despite the global economic crisis had strongly struck all the shipping industry, Gruppo Messina had focused its business plan on a development strategy which included a huge investment to renovate its owned fleet and the opening of its terminal services to third parties. All of this as an authentic demonstration of a strong, remarkable courage and full commitment to shipping industry, the core business of the Group.

Mission and values

Moved by the long and rooted ship owning tradition of the Family, Gruppo Messina aims to furnish its customers an exclusive service: economically convenient, eco-friendly and respectful of all the Cultures it works with. The core values of the corporate philosophy, spread at all Corporate levels, are: tradition, innovation, passion, respect, energy and professionalism.

“I do not draw a sharp line or any distinction between economics and ethics”




Messina Group specializes in several areas of the shipping industry.
Ship-owning activity is its core business, flanked by terminal services and intermodal transports

Shipping Company

Our shipping company provides regular line services that connect the Mediterranean to Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent, reaching more than 50 ports and supplying over 40 different countries. Thanks to the development of an efficient ground logistics system, the Company serves more than 100 inland destinations in Africa, the Middle East and India, as well as in Europe.

Terminal Activities

In 1977, Ignazio Messina started to perform as terminal operator in the harbor of La Spezia. Nowadays, Gruppo Messina manages a multipurpose terminal that measures about 253,000 sq. m., guaranteeing the loading and the discharging of cargos all year long.
Moreover, the Group works as terminal operator also in Mombasa (Kenya), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Nacala and Maputo (Mozambico).

Inland logistics

Over the years, the Messina Group has created an integrated and reliable logistics organization that allows to move about 80,000 trucks and 1,600 trains per year, thanks to the aid of owned wagons and rolling stocks. Inland terminals are directly managed by Ignazio Messina & C.

Shipping Agencies

Through a subsidiary company, Messina Group owns and manages several shipping agencies in Africa that pledged a constant presence and a major control on these territories. These agencies perform commercial activities, representing the ship-owner and dealing with terminals and local port authorities.

Shipyard/ship repairs

Messina Group also operates in the ship-repair sector, providing container maintenance, industrial plants support and mechanical carpentry services.

Group Companies

Ignazio Messina & C. S.p.A.

Ignazio Messina & C. provides regular line services that connect the Mediterranean to Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent.

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IMT - Intermodal Marine Terminal

IMTerminal, a trademark of Messina Group, is a multipurpose terminal equipped with all the structures and machineries required to quickly and efficiently guarantee the reception, the stowage, the loading and the discharging of cargos.
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(Unione Sarda Investimenti Marittimi S.r.l.)

U.S.I.M. handles the acquisition of shareholdings of maritime agencies in Africa.
At the moment, U.S.I.M. holds shares of:
- I. Messina (K) Ltd. (Mombasa, Kenya)
- I. Messina Moçambique Lda (Maputo, Mozambique)
- I. Messina (U) Ltd. (Kampala, Uganda).

La Meccanica Generale

This Company runs repair activities on vehicles and equipment used in port terminals and on industrial plants, as well as in the field of mechanical carpentry. It is entirely controlled by the Group and it provides its services both to third parties and to the fleet of Ignazio Messina & C.
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Corporate Responsibility

The commitment for the Environment, the Security and the Cultures is a key point for all the activities of the Group

Ethical responsibility

Thanks to the expertise gained over the years, Messina Group aims to support the growth and the maintenance of a respectful, fair and collaborative work environment, in order to engage and empower its employees and partners. For this reason, we have devise a new Code of ethics that summarizes our commitment and ethical responsibilities in business activities.
It must be strictly observed by our collaborators (whether they are employees, partners or administrators) in pursuing goals, in accordance with the principles of loyalty, honesty, reliability, competence and transparency.

Global Environment and Security Certification

Since February 3rd, 2011 Gruppo Messina S.p.A. has been the first Italian shipping group, equipped with an integrated logistics system, to achieve the Environmental Certification (ISO 14001) and the Health and Safety Certification (OHSAS 18001) for all its activities. The Group undertakes the safeguard of the health and safety of all its workers, third parties and communities it works with, reducing environmental risks and preventing work accidents. These two certifications guarantee the Group a solid credibility and visibility, as they demonstrate an effective management of compliance.

Philanthropic Responsibility

Gruppo Solidarietà Messina
Gruppo Solidarietà Messina was founded in 1990, by a group of employees of Ignazio Messina & C., with the intent of raising a monthly sum for people living difficult situations and promoting real supportive actions. This association is an extraordinary and precious model of real corporate solidarity: the amount of approximately few hundreds of euros, but they represent an essential breath of air and an unexpected and great moral support.


How to get in touch with us and reach our Headquarters in Genoa

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